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Who is a Starchitect?


The book shows you how a good plinth “works” for a better street at eye level. It contains concrete and inspiring examples of strategies for design, land use, the relation to the street, passenger flows and the collaboration of partners. The book is a collection of stories of over 25 experts from all over the world: a collective product with lessons from planners, owners, managers and designers. In addition to many international examples and case studies, the book contains several interviews and research articles. It concludes with practical lessons for the reader to put into practice in their own cities.
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Viewing tower, Dalfsen, the Netherlands, Ateliereen, 2012

Dark Knight Rises and Gothams buildings fall

Gotham City Architecture

Dark Knight vs. Architecture

Best Mens Style Blogs


“On ignore” © Flore Kunst.

“Pise-up” © Flore Kunst.

“Sinuous past” © Flore Kunst.

Temporary urban space. Concepts for the Use of City Spaces Robert Temel, Florian Hayden

Scottish Literary Institute: Structural Axonometric at 1:50
Chris Dove
Pencil and charcoal on tracing paper
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